22nd March 2018

Comp Season here we come!

What an amazing couple of weekends… we hope the post show blues hasn’t struck you down for too long! The feedback from the audience was absolutely unbelievable, the progress that all the students have made over the last year was evident on that stage in every routine. Well done to all the students that took part, and thank you to all the parents and dressers who have supported the entire process and made the show possible! Already excited for 2019 and it’s all your fault!

So it’s Competition time now! All the competition dates are on our events calendar (www.jldance.co.uk/events) and very soon the events on there will be filled with information and directions to the venues just like we did for the important dates around the Show. Check back regularly to see what updates are added.

In addition to the troupes we listed a while back, Street, Musical Theatre and Contemporary are all going to Comps! (But not the youngest Musical Theatre) If you have already entered your form without these genres added, we can add them in for you, please bring your entry fee on your next visit.

Please remember that entries for Mercia Dance Festival are due by Friday 23rd March. I will be at the studio from Friday lunch time until 6:30pm, if anyone needs help please pop in or phone the studio.

Speaking of this Friday! Miss Joanne and Miss Emma are opening the Studio from 3:30pm-6:30pm for Students to Practice Solos Duets and Trios ready for Leicestershire Festival! £4.00pp, come at any time and stay as long as you like up to 6:30pm, students will all be given opportunities to practice their routines in turn and get feedback from the teachers and other students.

Half term activities; there are several days of Private Lessons taking place, Miss Hayley is back for half term and will be running some sessions, and Miss Karlie may be running a workshop too, will confirm details by Friday, watch this space!

Acro Troupe Competition routines will be rehearsed in the Friday Comp classes to keep more of the Acro classes free to work on the Acrobatic Arts syllabus content.

Notes vs. Newsletters you might have noticed on the run up to the show there were less ‘Proper Newsletters’ and some blank “Dear All” emails were sent out. I just wanted to let people know what the difference was and why we’re using these two types of messages to make communicating a bit easier.

  • “Newsletters” are these emails, lots of information, generally aimed at everyone, can more easily have links added etc.
  • “Class Notes” are the little emails that come from jldance@thinksmartmail.com – these are messages that we can send just to certain groups (e.g. Everyone who dances on a Monday, all the people in Grade 4 Ballet etc) We’ll use class notes when possible to reach smaller groups of people and/or to reach people who aren’t on Facebook.

Lastly, Timetable tweaks, new classes and new a age group. Firstly we’re happy to introduce “Teenies!” (3-5yrs) Our Teenies group will be replacing the Pre-School category. Younger enquiries are going to be directed towards the JL-BabyBallet day-time classes on a Monday, and due to popular request, the Teenies classes will take place on a Saturday morning. Saturday also brings a new Festival Class which is for students to come and practice their Solos, Duets or Trios for Festivals. There are only 15 places per class, the classes will run 1:30pm-2:30pm and 2:30pm-3:30pm and are £3.50 by invoice. If you would like to book onto one of these sessions please email info@jldance.co.uk. To make sure everything fits, and that these new changes do not create clashes, a couple of classes have moved by 45 minutes. The timetable on www.jldance.co.uk/timetable has been updated to reflect these changes.

That’s it for this one,
Any questions please get in touch! info@jldance.co.uk

Take care everyone!
Rob 🙂
Studio Manager

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