4th May 2018

4th May 2018

It’s fair to say a newsletter is overdue! Who was it that said things would calm down after the Show?

Mercia Dance Festival – 50th Year! Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 50th Mercia Dance Festival. We’d like to wish the best of luck to all our students who are performing in the various troupes, solos, duets and trios that are being entered into this landmark festival! We truly hope you all have a fabulous three weekends! Enjoy every minute competing on that stage, let’s show them what #TeamJL are made of!

So many achievements to celebrate! 

  • Louis Gillespie and Olivia Sewell have both successfully auditioned for the Elmhurst Junior Associate Program and have both accepted the places that they have been offered! This is a fantastic achievement by both students! We’re very excited to see how this amazing opportunity will benefit them for the future. Well done to you both!
  • We recently made a post celebrating the news that our very own Jacob Thompson has been offered a place at not just one, but three full time dance colleges, and he has accepted his place at Performers College Essex, where Miss Joanne trained! If you missed the full post, you can find it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BiPtDaZhVXA/?taken-by=jldanceacademy
  • We also need to celebrate several JL Dance Students successfully gaining a place on the Derbyshire Dance Associates program! The associate program commences September this year, and there is one more opportunity to audition for the program on 17th June, if you couldn’t make the first audition or have been invited to re-audition please be sure to check it out! https://www.facebook.com/events/1224580177677318/

Dates for exams: October 2018 and May 2019. From May 2019 exam sessions will be hosted every 18 months (unless the teachers decide that there are sufficient numbers of students ready for an exam, in which case an impromptu exam session will be booked – as always, the final decision on student’s placement in grade classes will be at the Principal’s discretion.)
The decision to have less frequent exam sessions comes after a meeting with the ISTD and is a positive change that will allow for more creativity in classes, will allow for Grade work to be taught at a more suitable pace, it will prevent students arriving at grades too early (in terms of body development), finally this also manages the expectation that students should move up a grade every year as this is not the case; as the grades progress the amount of time required to practice and study in that grade increases up to a year and a half / two-years.
We have two exam sessions at the normal intervals before this change takes effect, so please do not panic if you’ve missed an exam opportunity recently, there’s lots of time to catch up!

Show Dates 2019, please remember that while we try to get dates of all kinds out to parents as early as possible that sometimes changes are unavoidable. That being said, the dates below are what we have planned for the 2019:

  • Sunday 3rd March – Dress Rehearsal at Belper Theatre (That’s not a typo, we’re moving from Heanor to Belper from now on, woo!)
  • Friday 15th March – Evening Rehearsal at Belper Theatre.
  • Saturday 16th March – Morning Rehearsal, Matinee and Evening Shows at Belper Theatre.
  • Sunday 17th March – Matinee Show at Belper Theatre.
  • Saturday 23rd March – Matinee and Evening Shows at Belper Theatre.

That’s it for this one,
Any questions please get in touch! info@jldance.co.uk

Take care everyone!
Rob 🙂
Studio Manager

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