Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely – from Diversity

Jordan Banjo and Perri Keily of 2009‘s Britain’s Got Talent’s Winner, Diversity, came to deliver a Street Dance Master Class with us in August 2013. All of our students had already heard of Diversity, and they were beyond excited to be able to meet two of the crew’s members in person! Jordan and Perry are both incredibly talented at what they do, and as well as being very polite gentlemen, they’re both excellent teachers. Many of the students who attended their workshops made comments on how well they broke down the routines and how effectively they worked together to explain the more complex details.

Our students are still using the tips and techniques learned through Jordan and Perri’s workshops, they learned skills which underpin and translate well into other routines and dance styles, such as an advanced form of counting beats, and alternative methods of incorporating dance moves into music and lyrics.

Having two members of such a successful and famous Dance Crew visit us was definitely a landmark for us here at JL, however, many people did not know, it wasn’t going to be their last!

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