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Trial Classes

A: In most cases, no. Both parent and child are allowed to visit the studio together on a ‘Studio Tour’. But we do not allow the parent to stay in the studio and watch class for the following reasons: (this does not apply to Teenie’s Classes!)

  • It can be distracting for the child to have a parent watching during their class, as they may feel self-conscious or nervous. This can make it harder for them to focus and fully participate in the class. They need space to ‘be themselves’ and (sorry Mum and Dad, but) the are only themselves when they’re on their own.
  • The trial classes are usually designed to give the child an opportunity to experience the class and see if they enjoy it and want to continue. If a parent is present, the child may feel pressure to continue with the class even if they don’t truly enjoy it.
  • For some children who may be feeling anxious, having a parent in the room can give a false sense of confidence and delay the process of them becoming comfortable with being in class independently.
  • To maintain the comfort and safety of our existing students. In the dance studio students know that they are around friends and a caring, qualified adult. Having a stranger watching the lesson can make students uncomfortable.

Whilst all of the above holds true for all age groups, for our Teenie’s Classes (pre-school) parents are allowed to stay in the class but only if their child is distressed. It is important to try to establish independence for the child as soon as possible; because other students in the class may become upset that another child’s parent is in the room, but theirs is not.

If a child of any age is not willing to attend a dance class without a parent present then we would recommend arranging a studio tour to familiarise the child with the dance school, then trial again after a week or two.

A: No, but you only have to pay for a single class, not the term. Class spaces are limited, so to ensure that all bookings serious about attending, a single class fee is charged, must be paid by card at the time of booking and are non-refundable regardless of attending.

A: No, you can trial classes as many times as you need to make the decision if you’d like to join the class or not. Advanced and specialist classes are not available through the trial booking system and all other classes have age recommendations, so no need to worry about accidentally booking an a class that’s way too advanced.

A: Any clothes that would also be suitable for P.E. or a visit to the gym. Dancewear if you have any would be great, but don’t worry if you don’t. No restrictive clothing and shoes must be please.

A: Absolutely! Trial as much as you need to until you find your feet!

A: Simply email us, or speak to us, and tell us that you enjoyed the class and would like to join. We will approve your enrolment and you’ll be invoiced for the remainder of the term, plus an annual enrolment fee.

(Annual Enrolment is paid once per year by all students, the cost is £18.00 charged each September. If you join the school part way through the year, your annual enrolment fee will be reduced based on the numbers of terms that have already passed.)


A: Classes are to be paid for online by card, or by cash at the studio. Uniform must be paid for at the studio with card or by cash. We cannot accept card payment at the studio for lessons, the two systems are not currently compatible.

A: Half termly, by invoice which will be emailed to you. Each half term’s payment is due on the first Wednesday of the new term.

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for missed classes as we schedule our classes based on a minimum number of students attending and our bills still need to be paid even if a student is unable to attend.

A: Some of our classes are already discounted in their base price. We do not offer any additional discounts for siblings or multi-class discounts.

A: Yes, all fees are non-refundable. Refunds are only offered medical grounds with evidence.

A: Yes, this needs to be set up on a per-customer basis, please visit the parent portal, go to Profile, then Settings, and save your preferred payment card to your account then email us to let us know that you’d like to go onto monthly payments.

A: Some, yes, but most do not apply unless you are choosing to take part in extra events. The most common examples are listed below:

Applies to all:

  • Annual enrolment £18/yr paid by all students (one enrolment fee per family) every September.
  • Uniform costs, once students enter their second full term at JLDance they are required to purchase uniform appropriate to the class(es) they attend.


  • Dance Examinations
  • Dance Competitions
  • Showcase Rehearsal fees
  • Showcase Costumes
  • Workshops and Trips
  • Private Lessons
  • Studio Hire
  • Specialist Uniform (Team-wear)

Dance Examinations

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Dance Competitions

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