Picture of Claire Storrow

Claire Storrow Memorial Scholarship – Remembering Claire’s Legacy

Following a brief battle with cancer, our great friend and valued member, Claire Storrow, passed away on 17th July 2023. Claire’s loss shook many of us who had known and loved her, she was a truly fantastic woman. Among her many friends, Claire was a big part of the communities at JLDance Academy, and Gym Fit in Ripley

During her funeral service, there were heartfelt speeches and stories told by Claire’s family and friends. These reaffirmed what we all believed: Claire was one of the most compassionate, generous, and selfless individuals one could ever have the privilege of knowing. Claire always demonstrated unwavering support for our Dance Academy and for each of us as individuals. Her energy and enthusiasm for assisting others was such a huge part of her character, a spirit of giving and kindness that we feel should be remembered.

In commemoration of Claire’s memory, and with the approval of Libby and Ivan, we are honored to introduce the Claire Storrow Memorial Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship will be to give back to our community and even support dance students in need with the cost of their further education.

From this page, you may make a one-off contribution, or set up a regular donation by becoming a supporter.

The recipients of the scholarship will be determined by a committee and will remain anonymous unless the beneficiary chooses otherwise. We will also seek recommendations from our community.

We hope that your generosity will enable us to extend a helping hand to dance students and keep Claire’s legacy alive for years to come. Giving and helping others was core to Claire’s character, and it’s our privilege to keep that spirit of giving alive.

If you are aware of a person or cause that could benefit from support from Claire’s Fund, please email us at clairesfund@jldance.co.uk